DJ Khaled x Wendy's: Drive Thru

Golden Wolf's team developed a series of vibrant, bold and fun looping animated films for the Wendy's x DJ Khaled drive-thru immersive experience.
The event was a pop-up attraction at this year's Daytona 500, the first race of the NASCAR Cup series.
Attendees were able to ride a golf cart and speed through a tunnel of psychedelic visuals while enjoying a BIGGIE BAG burger.
The team focused on DJ Khaled's favourite pastimes, golf and hip-hop, and created nine mind-bending animations.

Two of these animations were animated by me and Jo Baaklini.
One involved a pool of golden burgers and golf balls, where I played with the rigid body simulation in Cinema4D.
The other was an 8-bit style 'Pac-Man' animation, where DJ Khaled had to take the Biggie Bag to chase and eat the food.




Client: Wendy's

Managing Director / Executive Producer: Dotti Sinnott
Executive Producer: Tan Jones
Creative Director: Charles Bigeast
Head of Production: Heidi Stephenson
Talent Director: Henry Purrington
Art Director: Mathieu Durand
Producer: Jade Jordan
Production Coordinator: Dani Bordelon, Alex Young
Resource Manager: Beatriz Rodrigues
2D Animation Leads: Thomas Eide, Stephanie Mercier Designers: Johnny Cardoso, Nick Stoney, Dan Burgess, Jo Baaklini, Wren Wright, Cendan Claiborne, João Lavieri
2D Animation: Thomas Eide, Tim Whiting, Ian Chan, Wren Wright, Mylène Cagnoli, Jennifer Belobi, Rohit Kelkar, Henrik Soenniksen, Suejee Lee, Johnny Cardoso
Motion Graphics: Laurence Parsons, John Taylor, Mathieu Dellabe, Mathieu Durrand, Jo Baaklini, Yael Bloom, Ian Pinder, Marco Grandinetti
3D Animation: Jo Baaklini, Marco Grandinetti
Comp: Laurence Parsons, John Taylor, Yael Bloom

Live Action Footage: We Are Far Out